Published Photos

Fog caos at Trondheim airport

These two photos where taken at Trondheim airport as i got stuck in a fog caos leading to cancellation after cancellation. No planes landed in the timespan from 11:30 (local time) to 17:00. The terminal got filled up with people and it was like a fresh breath when we got the message that the planes had started landing.

The photos where published by:

NRK & Adresseavisen


©Iver Daaland Åse 2017

Dovrejul – Artist photo

The picture in use can be found here

This is my first artist photo, the musicians in the picture is a part of my family, and the photo was taken for their concert during the Norwegian Christmas festival “Dovrejul” (Christmas at Dovre).


©Iver Daaland Åse 2016