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Describe yourself:

“To be honest, I’ve never been able to describe myself properly. The way I view myself is different from the people around me, so I usually just let other’s views of me be as they wish it to be. Everyone has their own truths and perspectives, that’s why I believe that everyone gets to see me as they like and I won’t try to change that. The way I see myself isn’t really important to me, all I know about myself is that I’m trying my best to stay true to who I believe that I am. Sounds incredibly cliché, but sometimes clichés are the only way to describe something properly.”



Describe yourself:

I really think that I view myself differently compared to how others see me. I would think that I come across as a nice person and that I have some positive traits with my personality – but of course I have flaws and insecurities, and sometimes it can be hard to except them. I certainly haven`t figured out everything about myself yet but neither do I think that I am ever going to be entire sure of who I am, nor do I think I have to be. Of course I seek for validation among others, but I have learned that not everybody is going to like me, that´s just the way it is – and that’s perfectly ok! 🙂



Description by photographer:

“A brilliant, unique  person whom care for most people and works towards a better world”


Describe yourself:


Describe yourself:


Describe yourself:

“how the fuck do i describe myself?

im 16 y/o
i think that capitalism is on the way out
im an antisosial extrovert


Describe yourself:

“Some sort of leftist-punk-chicken”

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