Portrait of Iver Daaland Åse

With a messy mind, creative view, and some whacky ideas one can do a lot of things. One of those things is communications and photography. I hope to use a broad range of experiences in everything from religion and politics to aviation and journalism, to create an interesting but visual way of communicating.

If you cant tell it, show it, my name is Iver, what can i show you?


Work and experience:


2019 – 2022:

OsloMet: Bachelors


2016 – 2019:

Trondheim Katedralskole: Upper Highschool

Media and communications


Bybanen Utbygging:

Special Consultant – Communications and admin


Bergens Tidende:

Photojournalist (Internship, Aug-Des)

Bybanen Utbygging:

Consultant – communications and internal training (Jun-Aug)

2019 – 2022:



Human-Etisk Forbund:

Various (Admin, Reception, IT,)

2017-2018 – :

Bjørg Fjell AS:

Candidate photography

​A more in-depth CV can be found on Linkedin and photography can be found in my portfolio

Contact: contact@iverdaa.com

Kosmoliten 2018

Årets lysglimt (Best picture)

Kosmoliten 2019 

Årets blinkskudd (Best picture)

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